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County Committee is scheduled on 9/27/2018 in Brooklyn


The New Kings Democrats just posted the date of the County Committee.

Thursday, September 27 at 6:00 PM until late at Kingsborough College

This is the text sent by the New Kings Democrats

County Committee Reforms
NKD will continue to work with coalition clubs to discuss potential County Committee leadership candidates. Members of County Committee will have an opportunity to vote for this slate of new officers in the September 27 County Committee meeting. This meeting and vote provides a clear opportunity to try and shift the leadership of the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

We anticipate announcing a final slate early next week. As NKD ExCo, we will work as hard as we can to be transparent about this process, working closely with NKD members, NKD’s Policy Committee, and our coalition partners to hold ourselves accountable. This is an imperfect process and we welcome thoughts on how to ensure it is inclusive. Email with any questions or feedback.

New policy proposal
We passed a platform outlining how we believe the Democratic Party (county and state) should conduct itself in primary elections - it’s about opening the field up to newcomers while maintaining high expectations for our party’s candidates. Want to get involved in our policy process? Email and come to our next committee meeting!